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Engraving and much much more!
What we do:
•  CNC routing. 
•  Large format engraving. 
•  Small format engraving.
•  CNC Turning. 
•  4 axis CNC Milling. 
•  Pneumatics.
•  Prototyping.
•  Electro Discharge Machining.
To put it simply!  We love designing and developing products. Taking advantage of each project as an opportunity to problem-solve and create a finished
solution for you.

2014 Intaglio Digital Engraving
Intaglio is a 100% New Zealand owned business. Supplying a fully custom engraving & plastics engineering service. From simple labels & switch mechs, to control panels and
R & D components. With some of the latest computer controlled equipment, we can produce just about anything to meet your application.

Based in Lower Hutt, we are central to Industrial and commercial businesses throughout the Wellington region.
Why we do it?
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